Interoperability: Microservices for Greater Flexibility

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Beyond security, another network building consideration is structure and focus. There is a growing trend towards microservices. Microservices offer greater enterprise flexibility by allowing for faster application development. Microservices are is a method of developing software systems that try to focus on building single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations.

Interoperability: Microservices for Greater FlexibilityMicroservices support agile development goals creating scalable, testable software that can be delivered in short sprints of a few days to weeks. This allows development teams to iterate and drives continuous improvement. Outcomes result in improved efficiencies, shorter development cycles, and greater team satisfaction.

Microservices are modular in nature, allowing for changes without disrupting the entire network. It allows developers to focus on specific, targeted areas for greatest impact. Each service can be independently deployed in scalable, dynamic environments making them simpler to update, faster error detection as they are isolated and minimizes the risk of change.

At Scalable Digital, we help organizations reimagine the way they do business through intelligent services. Our API strategy is a rich suite of cognitive computing services for the advancement of predictive systems, visual computing applications, cognitive process automation, and digital virtual agents. Using our API Strategy, enterprises can connect all their IoT devices to the cloud platform & support deep learning capabilities.

Using our API strategy services, enterprises can automate certain processes and drive efficiencies, make strategic business decisions that were not possible in the past.

Leverage the data-driven design capabilities and services of Scalable’s Digital API strategy, which lets you turn data into smart actions, and systematize highly repetitive tasks.

Download the Whitepaper Connected Health Science: Interoperability Meets Augmented Intelligence

Interoperability: Microservices for Greater Flexibility

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